Thursday, January 25, 2007

Passion Song (2nd Style) S.O.C.C.E.R.

Play in the game as live in the world, through soccer game to view our life.

Soccer Is The Way Of Life - SITWOL

Passion Song (Style 2) (2007.05.25)
by Laijon Liu
Soccer my love;
Soccer my passion;
Soccer my living breath and processing thought.
Without her I do not know
What is love and life?
With her my soul gravitates.
Soccer I give her my awakening touch;
Soccer I receive her irresistible call;
Soccer my magical ball.
Without her my tear, beer, and despair;
What's the purpose of life that plays not?
With her my buddies, friends, and kindly world.
Soccer my morning and my dawn;
Soccer my evening and my dusk;
Soccer my seasons of circling being.
Without her my world is in dark;
When is time to watch my sunrise ball?
With her my sunshine, moonlite, and eternal stars.
Soccer my beginning of journey;
Soccer my pasture where I rest;
Soccer my coming and going.
Without her I do not know
How and where I walk in life?
With her everywhither and everywhere I play.
Soccer I come;
Soccer I will go;
Soccer on earth we live!

S.O.C.C.E.R. (2007.05.28)
by Laijon Liu
Soccer starts,
On earth peoples become fans;
Care not wars, care not crimes;
Carry our flags, songs, and drums;
Everyone is dancing, chanting, harmonizing;
Restarted our true engine of human life.
Soccer plays,
On the pitch of our beautiful globe;
Care not politics, care not separatisms;
Carry our joys, passions, and oneness;
Everyone is coming, watching, and sharing;
Rebuilt our perfect sphere in one wholly piece.
Soccer ends,
On the screens of common household;
Care not victory nor defeat, honor or shame;
Carry our beer, tears, hopes; a great memory;
Everywhere we walk, meet, and argue…
Rekindled our souls in her beginning and ending.
Soccer we play and live,
On the street, beach, and green pasture;
Care not hatred of past, injury of nightmares;
Carry our sweat, spirit, and a virtuous living goal;
Every moment of our game in life
Refines our goodly being thru true love of beautiful game.