Thursday, January 25, 2007



Evan Jared Kravitz, USA

I am the whirling soccer ball and very much omnipotent
I wonder my path, my final destination
I hear the song of the cool, brisk air hovering over my patched material
I see the barbarians on a war front of a field,
battling over my possession
I want to soar effortlessly into the white netting
I am the whirling soccer ball and very much omnipotent

I pretend that I am not afraid
I feel the telepathic vibrations gliding me along
I touch the hard, rocky field
I worry sometimes that I may disintegrate on the cruel vast field,
amidst the turmoil
I cry for the others who are not brave enough to enter the game
I am the whirling soccer ball and very much omnipotent

I understand that I am going to get kicked around
I say it only makes me stronger
I dream of a soccer game where overtime lasts an eternity
I try to be kind and decent along the way
With only seconds left in the final game,
I hope that I have left an imprint in the net
I am the whirling soccer ball and very much omnipotent

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This is a really cool poem. I tried to contact the Author/Poet, Evan Jared Kravitz, but I could not get the person's email to ask for permission to post here, but I am afraid that the poem page would be changed, and this poem would be lost forever, so I post it here just to preserve this great treasure.

Passion Song (2nd Style) S.O.C.C.E.R.

Play in the game as live in the world, through soccer game to view our life.

Soccer Is The Way Of Life - SITWOL

Passion Song (Style 2) (2007.05.25)
by Laijon Liu
Soccer my love;
Soccer my passion;
Soccer my living breath and processing thought.
Without her I do not know
What is love and life?
With her my soul gravitates.
Soccer I give her my awakening touch;
Soccer I receive her irresistible call;
Soccer my magical ball.
Without her my tear, beer, and despair;
What's the purpose of life that plays not?
With her my buddies, friends, and kindly world.
Soccer my morning and my dawn;
Soccer my evening and my dusk;
Soccer my seasons of circling being.
Without her my world is in dark;
When is time to watch my sunrise ball?
With her my sunshine, moonlite, and eternal stars.
Soccer my beginning of journey;
Soccer my pasture where I rest;
Soccer my coming and going.
Without her I do not know
How and where I walk in life?
With her everywhither and everywhere I play.
Soccer I come;
Soccer I will go;
Soccer on earth we live!

S.O.C.C.E.R. (2007.05.28)
by Laijon Liu
Soccer starts,
On earth peoples become fans;
Care not wars, care not crimes;
Carry our flags, songs, and drums;
Everyone is dancing, chanting, harmonizing;
Restarted our true engine of human life.
Soccer plays,
On the pitch of our beautiful globe;
Care not politics, care not separatisms;
Carry our joys, passions, and oneness;
Everyone is coming, watching, and sharing;
Rebuilt our perfect sphere in one wholly piece.
Soccer ends,
On the screens of common household;
Care not victory nor defeat, honor or shame;
Carry our beer, tears, hopes; a great memory;
Everywhere we walk, meet, and argue…
Rekindled our souls in her beginning and ending.
Soccer we play and live,
On the street, beach, and green pasture;
Care not hatred of past, injury of nightmares;
Carry our sweat, spirit, and a virtuous living goal;
Every moment of our game in life
Refines our goodly being thru true love of beautiful game.